Leo Casement

Growing up in Ireland Leo excelled in art from an early age. Upon finishing school he earned a living painting portraits and street scenes in Dublin. His passion for painting took him to London and then France, before returning home to Ireland. However, his love of travelling took him back to France and then across Europe eventually settling in Marbella, Spain, for a period of time. In the early 1990s Leo returned to Northern Ireland and built himself a considerable reputation for his horse paintings - leading to numerous commissions and exhibitions - winning many prestigious awards for his distinctive and individual style. “These paintings are expressed in a spontaneous and free style, to capture the atmosphere of the equestrian world. The paint is laid on in layers over many stages to achieve a strong form and image, while still retaining a natural sense of movement. This new body of paintings has been executed in a highly distinctive style that captures the power and spirit of horses and riders.” Leo's work can be found in many private collections throughout Europe and the USA